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Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition for Water Treatment Plant

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  • Water treatment plant is the key process plant in any of the water supply scheme.
  • There are 3 types of water treatment methods one of them is gravity filtration.
  • It contains filter beds as a heart of the process for the purification of raw water.
  • Any gravity sand filtration plant has critical activity of back wash.
  • Back wash is very high inertia process control application and requires very accurate control and monitoring.
  • Old relay logic based automation was manual and taking care of only basic interlocks which requires to be converted to full automation as plant area is too large and man power is less.
  • Chances of mal functioning of blowers and disturbance of sand in bed required to be nullified which is possible thru full automation only.
  • Energy saving is one of the objective as automated process does not allow any over run of electrical equipments.
  • Report generation of back wash cycle is required for record and preventive maintenance purpose.
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  • Distributed control system is applied to achieve most reliable and accurate control with reduction of cable cost.
  • Individual or per two bed local control panel is applied with master PLC at top. Local Control Panels carries out operations like back wash upon receiving command from master PLC which sends it after solving complex logics.
  • Important automation is for filter bed operation as it is heavy inertia system involving complex hydraulics.
  • Industrial water supply schemes are critical ones and redundant systems are applied.
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  • Filter bed back wash operation becomes consistent and actual measurement of Loss of Head helps to carry out back wash process more accurately then doing the same on time based.
  • Teleprocessing helps to monitor data’s at centralized place.
REFERENCES Click to OpenClick to Close
  1. 475 MLD WTP-- Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
  2. 275 MLD WTP – Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority
  3. 20 MLD WTP-- Colortex Industries Ltd.
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