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Automation of Chemical Process Automation of Chemical Process Automation of Chemical Process Automation of Chemical Process

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  • Dyes and Chemical industries involve reactions like nitration, sulphonation, hypo chlorination, ethoxilation, SKRAUP synthesis etc.
  • These are high inertia reactors and to achieve very difficult control of process parameters within limits.
  • Take care of RAMP and SOAK profiles of operation
  • In case of RUNAWAY reactors ensure safety by controlling exothermic process.
  • Improve recovery of solvents and reduce production time.
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  • Entire process automation taking care of accurate temperature control and Critical RAMP and SOAK profiles.
  • PLC in built programmer controller controls operation of process during RAMP and SOAK.
  • Supervisory Control software for writing recipe of batch and handling alarms.
  • Permissive commands from operator for RUN AWAY processes.
  • Fully expandable system for smooth addition of reactors.
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  • Consistent Batch operation leading towards good Yield.
  • Better quality control over manual Operation.
  • Increased production due to reduction in batch timing.
  • Manpower reduction saving production cost.
  • Smooth recovery of solvents
  • Ensured safety for RUNAWAY processes by interlocks for power failure, air failure, and open sensor etc. accidental conditions.
REFERENCES Click to OpenClick to Close
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