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Automation of  E.O.T. Crane Automation of  E.O.T. Crane

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Crane Automation

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  • Ensure Safe operation eliminating possibility of slippage of load.
  • Achieve Stable low speed control while working against gravitational force.
  • Control Starting torque & electrical braking for vertical movement.
  • Achieve Better Positioning accuracy.
  • Remove jerks at start & stop
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Avoid planetary gear box
  • Avoid break show wear & tear
  • Achieve low parking time
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  • Implementation of VFD based close loop control on Cage rotor motor
  • Integral panel for hoist, LT , CT & protective
  • VFD with state of art crane control software for open and close loop
  • Electrical breaking by VFD
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  • On site retrofitting of old panel and motors
  • Safety Brake sequence, independent Hoisting / lowering torque compensations over speed protection.
  • Minimum down time torque / current limit, stall prevention during acceleration. Power supply protection, Major and Minor fault classification Ultra high reliability of Yaskawa’s drive. Input/ output phase failure.
  • Dedicated crane functions brake sequence, Travel limit, Light load acceleration, Impact stop, Zero Servo, Multi step speed, S curve.
  • Cost performance due to dedicated crane function and inbuilt protection for drives and motors, external hardware and associated wiring are reduced leading to reliable performance at minimum cost
  • Large Communication due to fiber optic links.
  • Better quality control over manual operation.
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