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Automation of plasma to incinerator and power plant Automation of plasma to incinerator and power plant

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Plasma torch solid Waste incinerator and power plant

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  • Plasma torch based incinerator involves lot of temperature, pressure, level and flow loops and it is typical example of critical process control.
  • When Plasma torch is charged with high voltage, electrical arc is formed between TAT and NON TAT torch- position control of both these torches is critical to achieve arcing.
  • All temperatures are K type and S type monitoring and control of the same is critical as the range is 1300 and 1600 Deg C and directly impacts of safety + power generation
  • Feeding of solid waste – position and speed control batching of solid waste being charged in to incinerator and critical control with respect to pressures.
  • All utility control like scrubber, cooling tower, air compressor etc.
  • Waste heat recovery boiler automation with typical 3 element control
  • Turbine parameter monitoring and power generation control
  • Thru out the process parameter control of fluid like flow, pressure and level at various stages
  • Combination of machine and process control.
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  • Premium 5634 processor – Rack based system
  • 5 Thermocouple modules AEY1614
  • 24 AEY 810 and 16 ASY 800 with Digital I/O ‘s modules DEY64D2 and DSY64T2
  • Citect 1500 I/O Redundant server with 3 client
  • Communication over Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP
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  • 400 Analogue I/O’s out of which 70 close loops and 1200 Digital I/O’s for interlocks
  • 22 Critical loops
  • 2 critical position controls
  • Redundant server and 3 client SCADA for operation various stages of plant
  • Each client is restricted to its own operation area
  • Total 13 P&I diagrams incorporated in process control and interlocks with each other
  • Level 5 PREMIUM operating in capacity of hybrid DCS.
  • 5 other small OE PLC ‘s communicating over third party protocol to main PLC
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